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Buying Russian Railways tickets on is good, and here's why:

It leaves you more time to pack: booking and buying tickets happens online

This process used to be an adventure – one had to go to the closest train station, have a ticket officer's help with choosing day, time and seat in the carriage and quite possibly, there were queues. Now, it's way simpler.


Anywayanyday saves you a trip to the station and lets you stay justifiably lazy: buying a ticket is now possible from anywhere and any gadget

No queues.

Also, you can choose seats and cars yourself.

Time of shopping does not matter, whether it's lunch, dawn or the dead of night.

Both the website and apps allow you to look up the train schedule and book the necessary ticket.


Now, the official Russian Railways website is not the only place where you can buy their tickets

Russian Railways' primary target is their passengers' safety and comfort. Thus, they direct lots of resources to monitor the condition of their railways and cars.

We deal only with tickets and sell them online, just like Russian Railways. And when you deal with only one thing at a time, it's easier to get it right, isn't it?

How to book Russian Railways tickets on

Indicate your destination and the date of the trip – you are going to see an array of options and respective prices.

The rest is easy: you need to choose the car, number of seats and pay for the order.

Again, buying a ticket is possible from any spot connected to the Internet.

Any question about train tickets?

Have questions about the purchase of train tickets?

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